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A single integrated business management software that centralizes your company data, resources, operations and core
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20 July 2015

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This software tool will help manage a small business and all its aspects.

CentriQS is a small business management software and custom database solution. This is well suited for small and medium enterprise businesses. You would be able to centralize all the data across your entire company. All of this data can be organized into a structured catalog. You will be able to easily set search filters and access permissions for folders and files in the system. These can have suitable read and/ or write permissions. These could be set for individual as well as groups of users. Data available could be linked several ways for quick access. You add links to web pages and files uploaded to the database or stored in your local area network. Templates could be created for business objects so that new data could be easily added with previously saved settings and values.

Designated people could be earmarked for alerts by email. In case of important data changes, these people will be alerted. It is usually the people who are responsible for the data and assigned to act on them. It is possible to modify default layout of any view according to your requirements. Personal layout presets could be saved and the load can be shared. Searching the database is simplified with flexible search features available. Filters could be used for searching with text options, other operators to improve searches. Full text search is possible. Active Directory is integrated to make secure and scalable authentication and management of users. A whole range of other useful features are available including task management, dashboards, history log, time tracking, custom database, etc. API is available to integrate the application with others.

Publisher's description

A single integrated business management software that centralizes your company data, resources, operations and core business functions into all-in-one solution customized for your specific requirements and industry-related needs.
Start using CentriQS with a complete solution for effective managing of tasks in your projects, business processes and employee schedules.
Enhance CentriQS usage with custom solutions designed for your specific requirements and scalable from small office to midsize business.
Base Features
- Organize your business data into folders and subfolders
- Interrelate your business data, add files or links files and web pages
- Set permissions to restrict users rights to 'read' or 'write' certain data
- Subscribe users to internal and email notifications, reminders and alarms
- Configure analytic views with charts to visualize your business data
- Keep a detailed history log of any changes in your business data
- Search for any required data stored in the database
- Apply quick filters, set complex filters, or save and load filter presets
- Gather and monitor all essential data on dashboards
- Modify and save layout of any view in the program
- Use Active Directory integration for user authentication
Task Management
- Break tasks down into subtasks
- Set task dependency successors and predecessors
- Monitor your track productivity and performance
- Schedule appointments and tasks on calendar view
Customized Solutions
- Create custom entities for all of your business functions
- Design custom workflow that defines its life cycle
- Add custom properties with necessary fields of any type
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Version 2.0.719
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